Quick Updates

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Crime Con, our Meet & Drink & 2PodsADay Campaign (aka: stuff I forgot to mention in the last episode!)


Oh, do you hear the new music? We got some more tunes from the talented @wetalkofdreams


Contest Rules:



As a Fan Club Member, you have earned an opportunity to come up with the ending tag line of the show! As you all know, I typically say “Until next time” — that is SO boring. Now you get an opportunity to become a piece of the show. You will need to submit your tag line to: tcfcpod@gmail.com (only 1 entry per person).

Prizes: 25$ Amazon Gift Card & TCFC Official Member Mug / Magnet / Sticker. Plus, a special shout out on the show! 🎉

Entries will be accepted beginning 4/24/17 until 5/24/17.

Your entry should be submitted in the following format:

Name – Contact Info (including Shipping address) – Tag Line

The winner will be announced on 05/25/17!!!

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