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Daingerfield, TX *BONUS EPISODE*

This bonus episode details a mass church shooting in 1980. This horrendous crime was committed by Alvin Lee King, III. He was paranoid and, trying to right the wrongs against him. The small town of Daingerfield, Texas had no idea what was in store for them.
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The Boys Who Killed….

In this episode, you’ll hear about two young men who brutally murdered their families decades apart. One had their life spared, the other… was hanged. What do you think? Be sure to share your thoughts with me in the Facebook discussion group. Just search for True Crime Fan Club!

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From Death to Freedom – Clarence Brandley

This story begins on August 23, 1980 in Conroe, Texas. Conroe’s racial history and prejudice made the fight for Clarence Brandley’s life ALMOST impossible. Find out more about his fight for freedom from death row in Texas.



Listeners of True Crime Fan Club get $5 off your first purchase! Just enter the invite
code: CRIMEFAN when you sign up.

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