Introducing: Mind’s Eye

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What if your worst nightmare was real? In Mind’s Eye, the first fiction podcast from the
Parcast Network, Homicide Detective Kate McClay is having horrifying dreams. The only thing
that can stop it? Catching a serial killer. Mind’s Eye is brought to you from Parcast, the storytelling team behind hit shows like Serial Killers, Cults and Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories.

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John Albert Gardner III

John Albert Gardner III is a California sex offender and murderer. He is known for the late 2000s murders of Amber DuBois & Chelsea King. 

Many of the details in this episode come from Caitlin Rother’s book “Lost Girls”

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Written Researched:Haley Gray, Murder Road Trip Podcast

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Production: Lanie

Content Warning at the top of the show was provided by Tyler Allen host of the Minds of Madness Podcast

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