The Santa Murders

Your family is supposed to come before everything. So many of us learn this and abide by it. But there are some that break that sacred bond by destroying the family unit. When you demolish what matters most to you, what does that make you? Okay, on to the show…

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Written & Researched by Haley Gray
Content Editing by Brittney Martinez
Audio Engineer: Chaes w Gray Multimedia

Sex Gone Wrong – Mini Episode

A swingers’ lifestyle can be great for some, or it can be problematic for others. For one newly married couple, a wild night of sex and drugs turned deadly. Okay…onto the show.

Actora Bankhead was charged with two counts of murder for breaking the necks of two people after a group-sex session went awry. 

Check out the case here: 

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This episode was written & researched by Suzy St. John

Audio Engineering: Chaes Gray @ Gray Multimedia

Content Editing by Brittney Martinez