The Murder of Timothy MacNeil

Teenagers that kill aren’t widespread. Murderous youngsters is a disturbing thought for most people. An even more troubling idea is that those teenagers, a sibling duo no less, would plot and carry out a plan to murder the only adult that ever protected them. Together, 19-year old Nathaniel Gann and his 17-year old sister Brae Hansen killed their step-father, Timothy MacNeil, in cold blood. They did it simply because Timothy told Brae that she would have to move out of his house when she turned 18, which she deemed unacceptable. Nathan didn’t hesitate to help his sister with her deadly deed, agreeing to help kill the only man they ever considered a father. Murder most certainly is not the typical response to teenage anger. Today’s story is a tragic one, about a pair of siblings who killed, for no other motive than plain old selfishness.

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Written By: Mari Cole

Researched & Edited By: Brittney Martinez

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The Letters – E2

I’ve debated on how to proceed with the letters. At first, I wanted to share various inmates’ stories but, the person I speak to consistently is Milishia. So, this season if you will – I will be sharing our correspondence. Just a recap from episode one, I started my correspondence with inmates across various states over the summer. I wanted to reach out and have conversations with those who are overlooked because their crimes only made blips in the newspaper. I am not advocating or expressing support for these people or their crimes, however, I do want to share their stories. Perhaps you know someone who is incarcerated for similar crimes or maybe this is the first time you’re considering reaching out to an inmate.

Milisha’s Photo on WriteAPrisoner.Com

Milishia’s Info – You can write or JPay her w an attached stamp:

Milishia Gosha #1023682
Pulaski state prison 839
Hawkinsville, Ga 30136

If you would like to offer support for her legal fees: [email protected] is the PayPal info [Please specify it is for her legal fund]

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Ron Lafferty

On the evening of July 24th, 1984, Brenda Lafferty and her daughter, Erica were brutally murdered in their little apartment in a small suburb of Salt Lake City called American Fork, Utah. The men that attacked Brenda and her child were on a mission. One of the attackers, Ron Lafferty, claimed God sent him on this mission to ‘remove’ Brenda and several others to right the wrongs he felt were committed against him. 

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Anaheim investigator Julissa Trapp is not like other detectives. She’s the only woman on the homicide squad, and a skilled chameleon: undercover cop in vice stings, crime-scene commander, patient confidante of killers. A master interrogator, she invokes her personal experience – and deepest griefs — as a tool to elicit confessions. When a young woman’s body is found at a trash-sorting plant, Trapp learns the murder may be linked to the disappearance of three other women in nearby Santa Ana. Trapp embarks on a dark journey that brings her face to face with a man who takes “a little piece of her soul.” Listen now at

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